I'm so ready for a vacation!  To pass the time, I've been daydreaming about my beach trip at end of June.  I've also been really feeling the nautical look.  Coral (the color and the animal), navy and white stripes, sea creatures, etc...

Navy & White Stripes
 Uh oh!  Do you think this will clash will all of my black and white stripes inspiration?
Nautical stationary
Faux coral
Sea Creature Accessories
I originally liked this black (or navy?) and white pillow, but I went to the site and found all of their bright colored pillows.  I love them all!
Colorful Sea Creature Accessories
Coral artwork
This coral artwork looks like it would be pretty simple to make... and it's beautiful!  I mentioned it earlier, but coral is technically an animal.  I guess I thought it was a plant before, but I looked it up before I put it in writing and found out it's an animal.  I learn something new every day!  Find more info and a good video here.
Have a great weekend!

p.s.  I'm sorry some of my sources aren't that great.  I wish Pinners would pin to the original post instead of the blog.  I will be searching for the original posts for some of these.

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