Lately, I've been obsessed with getting plants.  I've been looking up all different types of plants that would fit my needs (i.e. not very high maintenance, some for my very sunny balcony, etc.).  I started out buying some succulents because I didn't want anything that was very high maintenance... I also like all of the different pics of them on Pinterest.  I got these from Home Depot along with the blue pot and yellow water catcher (all together approx $15).
For containers, I used the pot from Home Depot, a small cup from my grandparent's place, and one of the votives I bought for when I made candles.  I put little rocks in the bottom of the containers that didn't have holes.  I'm not a very clean person so I made a huge mess planting them even with the paper I put down.
I put one in the bathroom on the unused toothbrush and cup shelf (pictured above in the myspace-ish bathroom mirror picture).  Now whenever I'm brushing my teeth or getting ready, I'm reminded of my family.  I'm pretty sure the humid air from hot showers should sustain it and I won't have to worry about watering it much.  I guess we'll see.
Next to my DIY milk glass jars
I'm really liking the look of these plants scattered around the house adding a little life to the place.  What do you think?

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