Just Another DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

This Christmas was a semi-DIY Christmas for me.  I made these infinity scarves for my mom, sister, and a couple of friends.  I had been thinking about trying to make some infinity scarves for a while, but Christmas gave me the motivation I needed.  I found some great posts that helped with my research including here, here, and here.  Ultimately, I made up my own process when making my scarves (especially with the closure of the tube).

I bought some fabric that coordinates with some of my African fabric (can you tell I'm obsessed with this fabric?!) so the scarves weren't completely overwhelming with pattern.  The first scarf took me about 1.5 hours and the final scarf took me about 20 minutes.  So there is definitely a learning curve... that and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it all one finished tube for a majority of that 1.5 hours.  Here we go...

1. cut fabric about 2 yards long and about 10-12" wide (I held up one of my favorite scarfs for width reference).
2. iron out.

3. sew lengths together.  You should have one long tube at this point.
4. flip tube right side out
this is where it gets tricky and using two different colors/pattern really helped out...
5. pin two sides together right next to each other (i.e. color to color) and sew.  continue to sew onto the other panels (pattern) until you are unable to flip it inside out.
color panels are pinned together and I started sewing around the seam
6. flip everything right side out and sew up the hole (always ended up being about 3-5").
the binder clip is just to hold the crease tight while sewing
Here are the final scarves (4):
I also love how you can have as much or as little of the pattern and/or color showing as you want depending on how you arrange it. 


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a golden day!

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