Gradient Dresser

Living in such a small apartment, we really needed some more storage.  Margaret and I set out one Saturday to find a dresser for the baby and would double as a changing table.  We hit up a garage sale, my aunt and uncle's house, and our favorite thrift store for furniture, St. Vincent de Paul (where I got my desk).  We found a dresser we liked, but took me a while to commit since we weren't sure how we would lift it into the car and if we wanted to spend all day painting it.  I decided to buy it and was lucky enough to be loading it into the car at the same time a couple strong men were outside waiting for their purchase.  Problem solved.

We took a stop at home depot and decided to do a gray gradient (ombre) dresser with a white outside.  I thought about going more bold with blues or yellows, but ultimately decided on a safer gray gradient that would be more neutral.  I'm having DAAP flashbacks to our first year gradient project.
Got home and prepped and painted (don't worry, I had a heavy-duty mask on) while enjoying the nice weather outside.  I let it sit in the garage and dry overnight then moved it up into the apt the next day.  Found some black, gray, and white damask contact paper my sister gave me 6 months ago that was perfect for lining the drawers.
Finally settled on white knobs (Ben's suggestion).  Purchased from Hobby Lobby, installed, and the dresser is finished!

We've filled it with a bunch of diapers/wipes, toys, toiletries, and all of the clothes we have for her first year and there is still room for more.

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