One Month

I'm about two weeks late on sharing this... probably because I was extremely unsuccessful during this 'photo shoot'.  Like most mothers these days, I wanted to try and do monthly pictures.  I wanted to use a similar background or do the same kind of thing every month.  Unfortunately, we weren't having a particularly photogenic day when I got around to setting everything up.  The following is about the cutest picture I took that day:
For the rest of the shoot she either was cross-eyed or looked like this:
(Yes, I picked her up and comforted her when she was crying.)  
At least I get to look back and remember her one month 'photo shoot' with some hilariously cute crying and cross-eyed pictures.  Here's to hoping we have better luck at her two month shoot.  A couple days later, my mom managed to capture this moment that I'm in love with:

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