Knitting Weekend

We had a full and relaxing weekend.  Friday evening/Saturday morning consisted of Michaels run, baby cuddles, crafting/tv evening, swim lessons, visit to my parent's house, lots of naps, more baby cuddles, and Indian food.
Sunday, Cora and I woke up a little early and hit up Target.  We then picked up my oldest friend Chelsea (our mom's were college roommates so we've been friends since birth) and headed down to OTR to meet up with my mom.  We went to MOTR for brunch then my mom took Cora off our hands.  Chelsea and I headed over to Fiberge for a Beginner knitting class.  Our instructor, Norma, was amazing!  She was such a great teacher and we both learned pretty quickly.  I went home and practiced for like two hours while Cora napped.  It was so fun getting the catch up with Chelsea and learning a new skill.  We're both addicted to knitting and are dreaming up all the cool things we can make.

PS. I've got some cute little crafts in the works for Cora's birthday and will hopefully be able to make&share some progress on the painted chair soon.

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