Easter Weekend

We kept pretty busy this weekend.  Saturday morning, we slept in and skipped our swim lesson.  Cora slept pretty late so I got to make a Michaels run and started some crafting for Cora's birthday.  I made a bunch of garlands and banners that can be reused for other birthday parties and events.  I'm pretty much finished with most of the crafting, so I'll probably share some pictures later this week.
Cora woke up around 11 and we putzed around the house for a couple hours.  We went to Ault park for a lunch picnic.  Ben runs to get the food while I walk Cora and Clove around a little, then we meet up and eat.  Cora loves our picnics, crawling around the blanket, and playing with Clove at the park.
After the park, Cora and I went over to my sister's house to hang out with her and her in-laws.  Cora enjoyed crawling around and playing with them.  They brought her an early birthday present.  She got an Easter Peep stuffed animal that she loves carrying around and this adorable Adidas track suit.  I can barely handle how cute it is!
Sunday morning I woke up and got ready for church, then got Cora up and got her ready.  I got this dress from Target and was eyeing it for a couple weeks before I took the plunge and purchased it.  We had it hanging up in our room just waiting for Easter for a couple weeks.  I got the bunny ears in the $1 section and she got so many compliments on them
We headed to my Aunt and Uncle's church and then their house for lunch.  We had all kinds of delicious food and had fun hanging out for a couple hours after our meal.  And here are a bunch of pictures of me, my parents, and my little Easter bunny:

Happy Easter everyone!  Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!

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