Morning at The Zoo

Yesterday, I took the morning off work and we hit up the zoo.  The weather has been awesome this week and I wanted to make sure we made it to the zoo while all of the tulips are blooming.
Normally we walk around in a big loop, but this time we decided to explore the middle areas more.  We ran into a volunteers near swan lake and he pointed out some different kinds of ducks and how to differentiate between the male and female.  He pointed out which ducks are part of the exhibit and which ones are just stopping by as they migrate.  I always thought the ducks stayed there, so it was interesting to learn some more information about the lake and how it functions.

We have had quite a few trips to the zoo before, but this is the first time that Cora has really been interested in all of the animals.  She pointed to the gibbons as they swung around, the penguins waddling and swimming around, and the red pandas as they explored their new exhibit.

At the Red Panda exhibit we talked with a doctorate student that was observing the animals.  She told us these two red pandas were siblings and both under the age of 1.   They were just put in the exhibit and she was just making sure everything was going well with them.  She also mentioned they couldn't swim, so she said she'd have to jump in if they tried to get in the water.
They had some flamingos out in the Africa exhibit so we could get a closer look at them.  Overall, we had a great time checking out exhibits that we don't always see, looking at all of the flowers, and learning lots of info about the different animals.

Linking up over at Bower Power for the Spring Photo Challenge.  All pictures on this post are taken using my Sony POS phone and unedited besides cropping.

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