Baby Quilt For Ida

Back when I made Cora's quilt, I bought enough gradient fabric and backing fabric to make two quilts.  I'd always planned on making one to coordinate with hers and was hoping that it would be for a sibling.  When I found out I was pregnant with Ida, the intention was to make this so she could join it through out the Winter while she was a baby.  Instead, I spent my free time making some quilts for gifts and packing for our move.  When Spring arrived, all the urgent stuff on my to-do list was finished and I finally got some time to work on Ida's quilt.  I'm not sure if I didn't order enough of the gradient quilt or I couldn't find it all, but I ended up having to add some other fabric in.  I had this black fabric and some gray fabric with white triangles that fit in perfectly.  It only took me about half a day to finish the front (this included cutting, pinning, ironing, sewing, and watching two children).

I let it sit for a couple days until I could buy some new batting... then I quilted the piece in an evening.  I was almost finished quilting and I broke my last needle. Not having a needle pushed me off schedule for a little bit, but it gave me some time to work on some other projects.

While I took a little break, I tried to figure out what kind of binding I wanted to use.  I was torn between using the same African wax print fabric that I used for Cora's and this floral fabric that I fell in love with right before I found out I was pregnant.  I even shared my issue with Facebook and Instagram. Everyone brought up great points, but I ended up letting Cora pick and we went with the African wax print.

I made the binding and sewed it all up one evening when Cora was at the grandparent's house.  It was fun to have Ida sitting right there while I was finishing up her quilt (something I never did with Cora's).  She was immediately in love with it and kept making excited noises whenever I let her cuddle with it. There were a couple spots that needed some repair after I washed it, so I just did a visible stitch and love that it adds a little more texture.  

Ida is pretty quiet, but the moment I gave her the finished quilt, she was squawking and squealing and so happy to have it.  I can't wait to see her wrapped up in this quilt in the the coming years.

To see more of my quilts, check out my first quilt (Cora's) here and two coordinating quilts that I made for my nephew and my friend's son here.

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