Life With Ida : 7 Months

Ida is growing so quickly and her personality is really starting to come out this month.   Ida loves spending time with me hates when I'm not in her line of sight... We may have a momma's girl on our hands! 
She's getting really strong and is enjoying sitting up more and playing in her bouncy chair thing (I don't know what to call it since it's not a saucer, but it's similar).  She's always playing with the music portion of it and is a huge fan of having any type of music playing.  Whenever she pushes the song part, she does her little version of dancing and will bounce up and down while practicing 'standing'.
She is talking a little bit more and her laugh is getting louder instead of the muffled giggles it used to be.  Ida is still really quiet, but occasionally will yell loudly and always takes us by surprise. Sometimes it sounds like she is saying words, but nothing for sure yet.  She laughs the most when Cora is around... and mostly when Cora is getting in trouble.  Ida loves having raspberries blown on her tummy and will sometimes try to give them to us.  One of her favorite giggle-inducing things is for us to move her foot and 'kick' us in the face. I've never seen her laugh so hard.
Ida loves food... which is no surprise judging by our family, but when she was younger she wasn't much of a nurser so I didn't really expect her to want to eat a lot.  She has tried a lot of things and always seems to be hungry now.  I think her favorite food so far is probably greek yogurt, but really hasn't turned down much so it's hard to say.
We've continued to do lots of walks and being outside and I think she loves it as much as I do.  She rides along in the backpack and is always alert and observing her surroundings for a large chunk of the walk. Since most of our walks are to the park, Cora and I have started getting Ida in the swing and she is LOVING it.  She giggles and laughs the higher I push her and even enjoys just hanging out in it when I'm not pushing her. 
Ida Rue keeps getting sweeter and sweeter as she grows older.  I'm always a little sad to see how big she is getting, but I'm so so so excited to continue watching her grow and learn and see what her personality is like. I know it's only been 7 months, but it feels like she's been in our family forever.

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