Trips to the Park

I'm trying to do some more every day type posts because those had been my favorite to look back on... and I haven't gotten too many projects done lately so it's this or nothing. 
When I get home from work, we try and get some outside time.  Almost every evening it starts as a little walk and almost every evening we end up at this park.  It's the perfect age-appropriate playground for Cora and we've met so many people here.  I recently started putting Ida in the swing and she is in love.  She giggles and laughs and loves when Cora is paying attention to her.  We rarely get the park to ourselves so I snapped some pictures yesterday when it was just us.

I love how even when we do the same route or go at the same time, each day/walk is so completely different.  These evening walks are some of my favorite parts of the week.

See more pictures of our evening walks on Instagram at #WalksWithCora or #WalksWithIda

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