Vegetable Garden : End of Season

I don't think it's technically the end of the gardening season, but it's the end of ours. I'm not sure what happened, but our garden basically just died. I probably didn't water it enough, or watered it too much, or didn't weed enough, or should have fertilized it, etc. See where we left off here.

Every day when I got off work, the girls and I would head outside. We would water the plants, check to see what was growing in, and walk around the yard a little bit. It was a nice little routine and I loved setting aside a handful of minutes to get some fresh air and walks around our yard.

It seemed to be flourishing and we were getting a lot of flowers and a couple of beans... and then nothing. One zucchini kind of started to show up and then nothing. We got a decent amount of cucumbers, but the plant started to die along with everything else.

We had a salad-sized harvest at some point this summer and it was so fun to eat a meal full of plants that we grew ourselves. I've given up for this season, but plan to regroup and try again next year with a little bit more planning. It was fun while it lasted, and I loved the quiet time and peace that this little garden brought me this summer.

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