Life With Ida : 12 Months

Baby girl turns 1 tomorrow! This year has flown by, but so much has happened at the same time.  It was quite the year and I'm so glad this babe has joined our family. 
Not too much has changed developmentally with Ida this last month. She's 'talking' a little more. She says 'mama' and 'dada' and working on some other words, but not too much. I'm casually trying to teach her some sign language, but she is doing a pretty good job indicating what she wants without it so far. 
Ida still only has two bottom teeth and one tiny top tooth starting to poke out. They're growing in more, but no real indication of any other teeth growing in. I'm sure in true Ida fashion, her teeth will surprise us and pop in out of nowhere. She's slowly growing, but she is still my tiny little Ida. She's still wearing some 9 month clothes, but I've broken out some bigger fall/winter clothes for her to start growing into. 
She is a huge fan of baths. Whenever she hears someone start a bath, she sprint crawls into the bathroom and pulls up on the tub. I've even tried to take a bath during her nap and out of nowhere I see her little face pop over the edge of the tub. Ida splashes all over the place and likes when water is dumped on her head. She wasn't as into the pool as she is with baths, but that may have been due to sleepiness. Either way, I have another little fishy and I love it.

Ida has been really close to walking for quite a while now. We just keep waiting and waiting, but she seems in no rush. She loves to do this thing where it looks like she's about to take a step, then quickly squats down and starts sprint crawling towards whatever she wanted. Last week, the girls and I were hanging out in their room playing with their toys. Ida was looking through her clothing drawer and then started to cruise towards me. She let go of the dresser and just stood there for a couple seconds (which is typical) then she took about 2.5 steps before she squatted down to crawl.  Cora and I cheered for her. A couple of days later she did the one two step then lunge to her destination. She's slowly getting there and it's been so fun to watch.
The last month or so, we've been transitioning to mostly formula. It has been a learning experience for us all and I'm quickly realizing how many times babies wake up at night. It is also nice for me to get some help with feeding. There is nothing cuter than little babes grabbing the bottle from you to feed themselves.

And then I see her napping and she feels like a newborn again.

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