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To make things a little easier, our entryway will include the entrance, stairs, and small 'book nook' at the top of the stairs.  Eventually I'll probably branch out and share some separate book nook posts, but there is still lots of work to do before then and I'm treating it all as one space right now.
I would have loved to design and DIY our own stained glass transom, but I'm a little too busy for that right now. I found this window film and thought we'd give it a try.  It looks much better than I was anticipating. I'm also really surprised about how visible this transom window is throughout the home. I can see it from the dining room, living room, top of the stairs, and back entrance. I love how it shines in the morning light and it was the perfect inexpensive touch to bring a little bit of color and character to this space.

I have no actual 'before' pictures for the book nook, but just picture a plain old empty space at the top of the stairs.  It's probably always been ignored and most people would think of it as a useless space. For the first ten months in our home, this was used as a place for boxes that were halfway unpacked, extra diaper and wipes boxes, and our giant bin of primer. I'm working on making sure each inch of our home has a purpose, so I thought this would be a great reading spot.  In the long run, I'd love to do a built in bench and bookshelves for the perfect little space to escape, but for now we just have a small chair, a bin with diapers and wipes, and the baby gate... functional, but not very fashionable

The stairway window was in need of some kind of coverage. It's a weird spot for a window and would look weird with blinds, curtains, or any other window treatment I could think of. I picked out a striped window film that still lets in light, allows us to peek outside, but doesn't give everyone a free show when we're walking around in our undies.
There is so much to do and each thing on the list is like a domino effect throughout the whole space. I would love to have this space semi-done by the end of September.

+ Paint prep (remove some paint covered wallpaper, lots and lots of patching)
+ Paint (leaning towards white)
+ Paint a pattern on a couple of the walls (still brainstorming)
+ Replace sconces (already purchased)
+ Paint doors (front door and basement)
+ Paint or replace tile
+ Hang artwork (whole wall filled of photos? a couple pieces?)
+ Replace the carpet (wood steps? runner? we'll have to see)
+ Built in bookshelf
+ Built in bench

What kind of pattern do you think I should paint on the walls?

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