Fall Family Outings

We've been working on having some family outings at least once a week/weekend. Two weekends ago, we came up with a couple of options for Cora to pick from... She picked Parky's Farm. She picked out her farm outfit and turns out we had an overall skirt for Ida too. These were the perfect coordinating outfits for sisters going to a farm and I love when Cora picks to match her sister.

We didn't get animal petting in like we have in previous visits, but we had fun walking around,  checking out their Halloween decorations, and playing on the playground. Cora was the sweetest older sister making sure to help Ida walk and play on the playground.

After the farm, we needed to stop by Sam's club for a couple of things.  As we were cutting through Winton Woods, Ben pulled over and suggested we check out the paddle boating... at least to check out how much they were. We spontaneously decided to rent a boat. The girls weren't really into it and paddling is exhausting work with a baby on your lap, so there was a lot of whining coming from our boat. We lasted maaaaaybe 20 minutes. It was a fun little activity and we'll have to try it again when the girls are on board.

We missed some of our town's Fall events due to being sick, but we did make it to the local church to buy some pumpkins. What is your favorite Fall outing? 

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