Grandma Flower Quilt

This quilt was one of my longest works in progress. I was feeling the urge to sew one weekend two years ago and broke out some of my grandma's old fabric. I picked some pieces from my stash and bought a couple more colors of fabric to coordinate. I spent one day cutting out and sewing the front pieces together.

I tried a new (to me) herringbone pattern to quilt the front and back together.  I love the double stitching and the pink contrast on the black fabric.  I'm pretty sure there is a way to do double stitching on a machine, but I just go over it twice and will learn how to do that some day.

This is where I got hung up for a while.  I didn't know what color binding I wanted to do and some other projects, so this project got pushed to the back burner. Recently, I had some downtime between projects and finally decided I should finish this piece. A pink I had in my stash was perfect for this quilt and I finished it in one evening.

I can't wait to see a little baby wrapped up in this quilt.

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