Toddler Rocking Chair

About 6 months ago, we went garage sale-ing and told Cora she had $2 spend.  She found this great little rocking chair that is just her size. It fits together like a puzzle with no screws or anything. I think they were asking like $3 and Cora negotiated to $2. A couple of days later, we got to work on it.  We sanded everything down and concentrated on the places with stamp designs.

Cora wanted to paint it pink, so I pulled out the pink paint I used for my patio table many many years ago. Cora helped with some of the painting before she got tired and went to play with Ida and Clovey. I finished all the painting. The color is pretty bright on this piece, so we may distress it or put a wash on it eventually. 

It currently lives outside in her little playhouse. She loves having a little chair her size and it is perfect for her to lounge on when we're hanging out on the patio.

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