Creating with Cora

One day last weekend, Cora was the first one to join me in the morning (normally she sleeps in) and she requested that we paint. We laid out all our stuff and settled on a palette of cool colors plus yellow. Tip for creating with kids: choose a limited palette to keep things from getting muddy.

I started by putting some dots all over the canvas and we painted and chatted... and by 'we chatted', I mean Cora nonstop talked the whole time. We each did our own thing and we layered and layered more paint as the morning went on.

Last week, I was watching Alisa Burke's instastory where she discussed enjoying the process instead of worrying about the final product... and that is exactly what we did. We spent that morning enjoying the process of painting and spending time together and it was perfect.

I don't know if we're finished with this yet, but it's currently hanging in our living room. It reminds me of that quiet morning with my girl Cora as we enjoy the process of painting and reminds me when we used to spend our weekend days crafting just the two of us.

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