Baby Bookworms : April

I found this sweet little throwback picture of the girls reading and had to share it for this months Baby Bookworms. I have a couple of our favorite books on this list that I had to triple check my previous bookworm posts to make sure I hadn't already shared them.
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The Cloud Spinner - This is one I can't believe I haven't already shared. It's a cute story with the lesson not to use more than you need. I love the story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Love Is - a cute book about a girl and her little duckling friend.

The Grouchy Ladybug - a classic. Since it is a little repetitive "wanna fight?!" Cora can jump in and help out with the reading on this one.

Mousie Love - another one of our favorites that we're always reading. This is a cute little story about a boy mouse asking a girl mouse to marry him and their little adventure running away from the house cat.

Wake Up, It's Spring! - a fun little spring book showing all the animals and plants waking up from the winter hibernation and enjoying spring. Fun to read during this time as we finally feel like we're waking up and enjoying all that green that spring has to offer.

Walter the Baker - another Eric Carle book about how Walter the Baker invented with pretzels. I'm sure it's not factually based, but it's a cute story.

Caps For Sale - A classic! It's about a caps salesman and a little run in with monkeys. If we had a designated playroom, I would make it themed after this book... someone please hire me to paint a Caps For Sale mural in their kids room!

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