Conversations with Cora : Part IX

Cora and I have been spending a lot of our together time coloring and chatting (mostly about donuts). I love our little conversations while coloring and I love these goofy/sweet day-to-day quotes that I remembered to jot down.
Going through baby clothes to pass on to my sister's baby
"This would look great on a just born baby!!!"

Took Cora shopping and she kept telling me "this looks lovely" when she tried something on.

Cora: What is that big pacifier?
Me: it's a water tower
Cora: oh, it looks like a big pacifier for God.
After we got a food delivery"We are food rich! We are living like Queens!"

She had a big gulp of slushie and yelled loudly "my brain is all iced up"

She kept forgetting the word for a sundae
"can we have a Monday tomorrow?!?"
WETTER AND DRYER = Washer and dryer
PIZZA NUGGETS = pizza rolls
FIRST BORN = newborn
HYDROGEN POLAXIDE = Hydrogen peroxide
KID GROWN UP = teenager
TIFF TAFF = taffy
Cora was feeding Ida (it was a little messy) "oh my! oh my! oh my!"

"I love you sister! I love you forever! When we're dead, when we're still living, when we're teenagers. FOREVER!"

Talking to her sister "You are my star, you are my sun, you are the sweetest little one"
Talking about her birthday. "You can just wrap up some of the toys I don't play with, like that giant unicorn"

I have a joke. Ever seen a bird poop on a cake? ... Just laugh dad!!!

We went to the park near our house and nobody was playing with Cora. She was really upset about it and later told me "I want to be the richest friend person ever"
I started this little series 2 years ago, and it is so funny looking back at some of the first posts of Conversations with Cora... it also reminds me to start doing those little Cora drawings again.

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