Best Salsa Ever

I always get compliments on my salsa, so I finally wrote down the directions for my coworker and thought I'd share here as well. I've found it's best if made ahead of time for everything to marinate overnight, but I still think it's delicious right after preparing. I'd love to hear from you if you try it out.

+ 3 peppers (I use one yellow, one orange, and one red)
+ one can of black beans
+ one red onion
+ 1 T of lemon juice
+ 1/4 T of salt
+ 1/4 T of pepper
+ 1 T of Cajun
+ 1 jar of picante sauce (I get Kroger brand or Pace)

1. Chop up peppers and onions
2. Add a can of black beans. I mostly drain the can, but don't rinse them off.
3. Sprinkle on seasoning and lemon juice. mix everything together.
4. Add the picante salsa
5. Enjoy!

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