Life With Ida : 23 Months

This is my last monthly update for my Ida boo, but I'll still do my yearly updates like I do with Cora. I can't believe my baby girl is almost 2 years old!!!

This month, Ida went on her first vacation. This was her first trip to the lake and she loved it! She loved hanging out on the dock playing in buckets of sand and water. She wasn't the biggest fan of swimming, but would warm up to it on occasion.

We're still working out on getting lots of walks with Ida. Some days she loves the strollers, some days she loves the backpack, and other days she insists on doing all the walking herself. I love that each day is different and we never know what we're going to encounter when we leave the house.

One of baby girl's new favorite things is pretending she is dead. It's a hilarious upgrade from pretending she is sleeping. Whenever she is upset or wants to add a little humor, she lays her head back and sticks her tongue out like she's a character in a movie. We all say "oh no! She died!" then she snaps open her eyes and cracks up giggling. I also love her sassy grumpy face. When she's really upset, she crosses her arms and pouts. She is such a character lately.

Ida is getting much more independent. She picks out her own outfits, grabs her own snacks (bringing them to one of us to open), takes her diaper off when it needs to be changed, picking up after herself (grabbing the broom and dustpan when she drops stuff on the ground), and insists on doing everything herself. It is fun to watch her gain her independence and it is nice to get a little break from having to run around taking care of every little thing.

My sweet Ida, It is such a pleasure to watch you grow up. I love your constant growth and surprises. I love your enthusiasm for adventure and go-with-the flow attitude. I love your cuddles and giggles and the joy that you bring to our life. You make me the luckiest Mama in the world.

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