Walks With The Girlies : Highfield Discovery Garden

Over the weekend, my mom suggested going to Highfield Discovery Garden in Glenwood Gardens. Neither one of us had been and we were both interested in checking it out. I think we all said "this is so cute/cool/awesome!" a million times. Cora couldn't stop chatting about every thing she would spot and loved running around playing in each section.

There is a big treehouse/play structure, a small train station, a wonky tea house, some giant mushrooms, and a couple other cute structures. The girls loved to bounce around and check out everything.

While we were there, they had a workshop on mud pies. Cora had fun playing around in the mud... while Ida more enjoyed playing in the bucket of water they had for us to rinse off our hands. It was a fun trip discovering a fun new-to-us park in the area. 

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