Starting Kindergarten

It's been three months since Cora finished with preschool and time has been flying by. This summer, she asked frequently when school would start again and told me how excited she was to meet all the new friends.

Before school started, all the kids had some scheduled one-on-one time with the teacher for assessments and to get introduced to the teacher and class. Cora insisted on buying her teacher a present for the first day. She picked out a little fake succulent and decorated the pot with paint pens. I love her enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.
The night before school started, I pulled out her extremely wiggly tooth. Cora gets so nervous, but loves the dancing and cheering that follows losing a tooth. I love finding her checking out her missing tooth in the mirror every chance she gets.

Girlfriend was so excited for school! She spent the entire morning asking when it was time for her to go to school. When we arrived at school, she spotted her class line and ran off to meet them. I had to quickly get some first-day-of-school photos while she rolled her eyes and ran off to join the line.

When we picked her up, Cora said she had the best day. She said her favorite part was making two new friends... even though she didn't know their names. I love how Cora takes each new thing with a tiny bit of nervousness and a whole boatload of excitement. She is looking forward to learning all the things and making so many new friends.

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