Wisconsin : Meyers Beach Hike

Last week, we headed up to Wisconsin for the week and stayed at our family cottage. We took a day trip to hike the sea cave trail at Meyers beach. Our hike was not without whining and arguing, but overall it was an enjoyable experience. The hike says its 1.8 miles to the cliff and 1.8 miles back, but it felt like much longer.  Cora killed it and made it the whole way by herself.

The overlook view was beautiful and Cora enjoyed waving to the kayakers going into the sea caves. I was exhausted from hiking with Ida on my back, so I didn't hang out at the overlook for too long. 

I headed back with Ida while my family spent a bit more time at the overlook. Ida walked for a small stretch, but was mostly interested in riding in the backpack the entire time.

At the end of the trail, my group quickly caught up to us and we all headed down to the beach to stick our feet in the water. The water was pretty cold, but sooo welcomed on my sore feet.

Cora was a little too enthusiastic about the water and got her pants almost completely soaked, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying herself. Once we finished up at the beach, we headed to Bayfield for a quick lunch and back to the cottage for a freezing dip in the lake.  

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