Birth Announcement

We had a little photo shoot with Cora for her birth announcement at about two weeks.  For the background, I used our regular bedsheets.  I turned the photos all black and white using iPhoto (I no longer have photoshop on my computer due to compatibility issues with new operating system and the old Photoshop).  Here are some of our favorite pictures:

I simply added some text to one of the photos to make the following announcement:
I waited until Walgreens was running some photo deals and printed up a whole bunch to send out.  I loved making my own because I could make exactly what I wanted instead of having to settle for some of the layouts I found on different sites.  I also enjoyed doing the little photo shoot with Cora.


  1. It's so cute! I didn't realize you made them yourself!

    1. yes! I couldn't justify paying for someone to make one for me when I could do it myself... and it makes it a little more special


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