Where does the time go?!

Life has been zooming by lately.  I'm not sure if it just a result of getting older or having more responsibility, but I am continually looking at a clock or the date and thinking "How is it already _______(lunchtime/5 O'clock/the end of August/etc)?!".

Looking back, nothing too eventful has been happening, but life has been good.  I'm loving watching Cora grow and learn.  I'm also enjoying the challenge of learning how to balance all of the new stuff in my life.  There is a lot of what feels like failure when trying to balance things, but it makes the successes and good days sweeter.

F is for Flamingo
On another note, I've been able to make time to work on a couple artsy things.  I'm hoping to finish up opening an Etsy shop in the next month or two.  Also, I decided I wanted to make an animal ABC book for Cora.  It is going to take a while, so I'm aiming for it to be a Christmas present... or maybe a birthday present.

... and I've been working on just playing with different paints and doodling during the evening or lunch breaks just to relax and unwind.  I will share some more art pictures once I get pictures of them.

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