Hat Box Makeover

I got this hat box FO FREE and decided it needed a little makeover since I'm not really a fan of floral.  There was a sticker on the bottom for $3 from Dollar General or one of those other 'fake' dollar stores so it isn't anything fancy.  (My grandmother loved to frequent dollar stores, thrift stores, garage sales, etc. and she always called Dollar General a fake dollar store because items were more than a dollar.)
I kind of have a thing for maps so I stole some maps from my Dad and modge podged the map onto the outsides.  I made sure to get Cincinnati on the top of the box.
As always... Clove loves to help me out with projects.
For the inside and bottom, I painted with the pink paint I used for the outdoor table (a little more coral/salmon than pictured).  Next, I sprayed a clear coat over the map part and let it cure.  Added the string and here is the final piece:

We're probably going to use this as a little memory box for Cora.  We already put in our wristbands from the hospital and the journal I have for her of notes from us.

sidenote:: don't judge me by my streaky table.  I didn't notice the sealing coat we put on it was yellow-tinted and has yellowed over time... I've added it on the list to redo.


  1. You did a really good job modge podging that! I see Cleveland on there too ;)

    1. lol... I knew you were going to comment about Cleveland... I couldn't arrange the map so it wasn't on there, so I just had to settle. :)


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