As soon as I heard about Lumenocity, I knew it was something I had to go to.  What is better than a free symphony concert and a light show?!

I packed a picnic and we headed down there two and a half hours earlier than the show started to get a spot.  It was already pretty crowded by the time we got there (we went the second night) so we settled for a less crowded area with an obstructed view.  We could see the top half of the building and that was good enough for us.
I enjoyed getting to spend some time outside in the sun and just laying around lazily with Cora and Ben.  Cora was pretty relaxed and was playful during the wait for the concert.
Cora kept looking at all of the people behind us and smiling.  After a couple minutes, I looked back and found a girl about our age making faces at her.
The show was really good!  Unfortunately, I didn't really get any pictures, but I included one of our view.  I really liked the parts of the show where they manipulated the building making it look like it is melting or twisting around.  I also really enjoyed the abstract parts of it.  There were a couple parts I didn't really enjoy, but I appreciated the artistic vision and the work that was put into it.  There were a couple of parts that I didn't get the full effect because of our obstructed view, but I still enjoyed the music.  I'm hoping this becomes a yearly event in Cincinnati.
check out some photos and videos of the event here.

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