Shower Invite

My sister is getting married so I'm throwing her a family shower soon.  I decided to make my own invites to make it a little more personal.  I came up with a lovebird theme and I sketched a couple of birds on a branch for the header.  I just scanned them into Photoshop, sized them correctly, added the words, and printed them off at Kinkos.
Worked my watercolor magic.

These were fun to make because each invitation is a little different.  I also got to play with different color combinations and strokes.

I also found this 'bird on a wire' washi tape to seal the envelopes.
I'm thinking about starting up an Etsy shop and it would include something like this and some other artwork.  It's still kind of a work in progress, but hopefully I can get that up and running soon.


  1. Those invites are adorable! I wish I could sketch like you!

    1. Thank you! Practice, practice, practice! I've been drawing and taking art classes my whole life. I like your drawings you do.


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