Holiday Break

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We enjoyed a jam-packed couple of days around Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, we go to church and do a large family dinner and gift exchange. It's always filled with lots of laughter and chanting. ("PRESENTS! PRESENTS! PRESENTS!) We also do a family get together Christmas night that is a little more relaxed where we play with our new toys, watch movies, play games, and hang out with each other

This was the first year that Santa visited our house (he used to go my parent's house), so it was fun to get that all set up and see Cora open her presents in the morning. We kept our Christmas list down to the bare minimum because the girls already have a lot of toys and we knew they'd receive a lot of gifts from our family. Santa got Cora some play-doh toysa Berenstain Bears book, cute socks, and some hair oil (for some reason she was super excited about this one) and Ida received a touch-and-feel book. Both the girls received the cutest matching sweatsuits that I have yet to get them to wear at the same time. Also, I started a little tradition of getting coordinating ornaments that are hung on our stocking from Santa. I put initials and the year on them and love adding to the tree each year.
The week after Christmas was pretty mellow this year. Ida was sick 99% of our break, so there were a lot of cuddles and movie watching.  Because of the constant cuddling, I didn't get nearly as much done as I hoped to on my week off, but I did get a couple small projects done that I'll share later.

Cora and I did manage to go on a date to Target and the movies to see Ferdinand, which be both loved. Throughout the break we also did a lot of pizza picnic dates in bed and watched some older movies like Space Jam and 3 Ninjas. The last couple days of break we started to be more productive and did some cleaning, took down our Christmas decorations, and played in the snow, and prepped everything for back to school/work.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and are gearing up for whatever awesomeness that 2018 has in store.

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