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Tuesday, I posted a quick video in my Instagram stories of last year's planner and this year's planner and I got a ton of messages asking about them so I wanted to share a peek into my planner/journal... I'm also really nosy so I love when people share stuff like this or peeks at their sketchbooks. I have the Moleskin weekly planner (large) and I love it!  All the dates are on the left and then the right page is left blank (lined) for other notes. This first picture below is from my 2016 planner the week that I found out I was pregnant with Ida... It's fun to see how my planner/journal style has changed since then.

I include things in here like plans (duh), bills, meals and grocery lists, cute quotes from Cora, growth and development stuff for the kids, gratitude practice, to-do lists, and other ideas. I've tried doing bullet journaling before and this feels a little more organized and less work for me. I don't like blank days so I'm almost forced to journal each day so I can fill up the page. It has been fun to look back to get ideas (meal planning) or see what we were doing the previous year... which sometimes is very similar to what we did this year (I'm looking at you pizza picnics and movie nights). I also like looking back and seeing what quotes spoke to me at certain times. A year before Ida was born, I was writing bible quotes for the weary and burdened because getting pregnant was taking forever, but I had no idea what awesome gift was coming the following year.
This past year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different so I made sure to add a picture that sums up the week and do some kind of doodle each week. I also used highlighters to add in some color and it was interesting to see what I did with a limited supply of office supplies. On the last week of the year (second picture below), I wrote down these 10 questions to end the year intentionally and I think that will be something I continue each year.

There are also full month calendars in the front. I use this to plan or keep track of blog posts (working on getting back to posting twice a week) and write down monthly goals or to-dos.
There are also some blank lined pages that I use for my ongoing house to-do list. I just transferred the list over to my new planner and edited some of the things I no longer want to do or simplified them to reflect short term goals rather than long term goals (like 'work on renovation plans' instead of 'replace everything about the house'). I also have a page for garden notes because there is so much involved with that and I have a lot to learn after my first season of gardening. Cora also used some of these blank pages to draw some awesome drawings in.

For my resolutions this year I'm really just hoping to do more of what I've already been working on lately. I want to do more meal planning and home cooking, more rest, more healthy eating, more working on fitness, more reading, and on and on and on.  What are your resolutions?  Do you have a specific type of planner that you have to use?

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