A Weekend Full of Snow Days

We had some snowy weather over the weekend and I had Monday and Tuesday off, so we have been enjoying the weather as much as possible. We enjoyed our weekend like it was a big long snow day. We headed outside and play a couple of times, enjoyed hot chocolate, made a big bowl of popcorn and watched movies as we cuddled up in bed together.

This was Ida's first experience with snow and she loved it. We bundled her up by layering her tracksuit over her day-to-day clothes and adding extra layers of socks. We really only stayed out long enough for me to shovel and salt the front steps and pathway, but it was enough for them to get a taste of snow... and by taste of snow, I mean figuratively... not like that time Cora brought a spoon outside so she could eat snow easier.

The first time Ida went out, she was a little hesitant to play in the snow, but she had her big sister there to encourage her and play with. Watching Cora cheer on some of Ida's firsts has been such a fun part of parenting two littles. The second time we went out in the snow, Ida flat out belly flopped onto the ground so she could immediately start playing then sat there digging the whole time.

It was the perfect first snow experience for Ida Rue and a fun snowy weekend for the rest of us. 

See here for Cora's first snow day!

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