A Trip to Our Old Neighborhood

Last week, we took a little trip to our old stomping ground, Oakley. Cora and I used to walk up to this park nearly every Saturday morning. We'd watch as Ben played basketball and we'd play on the playground. Ida was just a little fetus the last time we visited that park, so it was fun to watch her run around and play. Cora quickly made friends and they made up a game where Cora was the spider and chased the boys all over the playground. Ida enjoyed running around trying out every feature of the playground, but still made sure momma was following her closely.

We also had a quick trip to the doctor for Ida's 18 month checkup (can you believe she is already 18 months old?!).  She is still a tiny little peanut measuring between 20th and 50th percentile in different categories...which is basically unheard of for our family and a good reminder to me that every baby is different.

I've been missing our old neighborhood and it seems like Cora's memories of the area are quickly fading away, so a little trip back there was much needed.

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