Ault Park Family Date

Cora is constantly asking to go to the park, but the park closest to us is a little high on the skill level so it's not the best for Ida. Over the weekend, Ben and I decided we'd like to hit up our old stomping ground and enjoy a trip to Ault park.
Last time we went to the park, Ida was barely walking so we weren't sure what she would do this time around. She surprisingly just jumped right in climbing up the stairs and enjoying lots of trips down the slides. Ida was also really into the mulch.

Cora loved being the big sister and going down the slide with Ida on her lap. She was so encouraging of Ida trying out new things and was loving having her sister playing with her.

We were pushing the girls on the swing and I was suddenly realizing how big Cora is getting. I was remembering the days when Cora was the same age Ida is and we'd make evening trips to Ault Park. Giggling to myself remembering the time she fell off the swings... then a couple days later she wouldn't even dare to move while swinging. She loved the swings this time (as always), but was mostly interested in whether Ida was enjoying herself or not.

Ida ended up loving the swing. She got a little fussy if it went to high or fast, but overall she was a fan. She kept going back to it a couple times, so Ben spent a lot of time pushing her in the swings as I remembered all the times I'd bring Cora to the park and the only thing she'd want to do is swing.

It was a fun family outing and I love our slow weekend days together. It was fun watching Ida run around and explore... and it turns out watching Cora flourish in her role as a big sister has been even sweeter than I ever could have imagined.

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