Bellevue Park Family Date

Another weekend means another family park adventure. Saturday, we set out for a trip to a park without knowing where we would go. We ended up in Clifton and decided to head towards Bellevue Park. Ben and I came here a couple of times while we were in college because I lived within walking distance and in hindsight I'm surprised we didn't come here more. The girls played around on the playground for a couple minutes, but were more interested the hilly grass near the overlook.

The park was followed by a driving tour of all the apartments I lived in while in college and a mexican dinner in Oakley at a restaurant we used to go to a lot. We haven't gone out to eat really since Ida was born, so we quickly figured how difficult it is dining with two kids (queso and salsa everywhere). It was a fun trip down memory lane and a perfect little day date.

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