Baby Bookworms : March

Love Monster - was a gift for the girls from my cousin. A cute little story where a monster doesn't quite fit in where he lives and goes on a journey to find love... then finds love where he least expects it.

Quick! Turn The Page! - This one was a garage sale find. The character will have a problem like "Sarah is sick of winter. Quick, turn the page!" then after a quick page turn the character has solved their issue. Cora loves to quickly turn the page and see the different scenarios.

The Napping House - a cute little book of a napping granny and her grandkid and pets. The girls love reading this one and there is always something new to find in the illustrations.
Wolfie The Bunny - A bunny family adopts a baby wolf. The bunny daughter can't stop telling everyone that the wolf baby is going eat them all. After some adventure she eventually loves her new sibling.

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes - I know there is a whole Pete the Cat series, but this is the first one I've read. This one is about some missing cupcakes and Pete the Cat and his friends work to solve the mystery. Cora loves to count the amount of cupcakes on each page and both girls love to pretend to eat the cupcakes.

The Story about Ping - This is one my mom used to read to us when we were younger. It's about how a duck named Ping gets separated from his family and the adventure that follows.
Someday - I love this description "A mother's love leads to a mother's dream -- every mother's dream -- for her child to live life to its fullest" this is a sweet little book for both the mother and the child to read (kind of like I Love You Forever)

The Story of Noah's Ark - I love Helen Dardik's illustrations on Instagram, so when I happened upon this book I was so excited to see her illustrations. The book is the basic story of Noah's Ark, but I loooove this one for it's illustrations. It is so freaking cute and I want to buy it for every kid I know. It's currently on sale at Sam's club if you're a member.

Sunny Day Point 'n' Match - I shared this one in February, but I wanted to share it again since it has stayed in our read pile for quite a while (pictured below). Both the girls love it and it's an "easy" i spy book for younger toddlers.

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