A Cottage Makeover : Progress

Remember when I scored this free playhouse last summer? This Spring, I was sick of looking at the tired brown house, so I decided that we were ready for a makeover. I made a quick trip to pick up some red paint and waited until we had some decent looking weather so we could get to work. 

When we first opened the red paint can, I freaked out. I was originally worried about this color looking too orange, but this looked way too pink and not what I wanted. Cora said she liked it and I knew she would love a pink house. We went ahead and painted the playhouse and decided that we'd love it one way or the other.

As a parent, most of my projects are done in 15-30 minute spurts and this was no exception. The red needed two coats and took me about four sessions. Cora helped with some parts of the red and cheered me on during other parts. Either way, a little DIY with Cora is always enjoyable.

I used the same black that we used on our interior doors. Cora wanted a dark green door and this black leans a little green in some lightings, so we both got what we wanted without having to spend any more money. Still on the to-do list is to paint the roof, paint the back side of the cottage, and do something fun inside. The girls love this little cottage, and I love peeking out the kitchen window and seeing this in my backyard.

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