A Little Cottage for the Girls

I've been looking at little playhouses for our backyard, but I found that all of the ones I like are a little too expensive for us right now (story of my life). On Saturday morning, I was on Nextdoor (it's like facebook for your neighborhood) to look at some messages and someone posted a curb alert for a playhouse.  They didn't immediately post pictures so I was thinking it was probably one of those plastic basic houses. A couple of minutes later, I updated the page and saw there was a picture. It was exactly one of the playhouses I'd been looking at!!!  FOR FREE!!! 
Curb alert things go pretty fast, so I knew I had to hustle to be the first one there. My mom was on her way to drop off Cora so I called her and arranged for her to go by and claim the playhouse. She said right after she pulled up and opened her door, another person looking to get it came by. She got there just in time.  It was fate! It took us a bunch of trips, but we got it home.
I spent the next couple of days spraying off the spiderwebs and setting it up (by myself... so proud). I love being able to show her that girls can do things themselves and she even pitched in a little bit here and there. I loved setting it up and picturing my girls playing in there for years to come.  
The plan is to lay out a little paver foundation in the back of our yard so they have their own little space back there. I would love to paint it red like our family cottage, but Cora is leaning towards pink right now so she'll need some convincing. I asked her if she wanted to keep the oven screwed in, or leave the table open so it can be more like a studio... Cora picked studio. Thats my girl! I'll get her help to decorate the inside and we'll have this fun little space for Cora and Ida to call their own. 

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