Another Lemonade Stand

Cora loved running a lemonade stand last year, and she has been asking every weekend for the last month if she could have another one. This weekend, we finally got around to buying all the supplies and had two lemonade stands. We set up our front porch side table, some cute fabric, and the same sign from last year. We use the same drink dispenser be bought last year and it makes the setup so easy. Total setup takes about 10 minutes and the kids usually love spending about an hour or two selling lemonade.

Our neighbor friends came over to help out. The kids loved running around as we waited for the next customer. When a customer would come by, they would all rush to fill up the drinks and collect the money. They loved pitching in to help out and they were so excited to get a little bit of the profits.
Cora paid me back for the lemonade supplies, paid her friends, and still managed to make a good amount of money. Cora spent quite a bit of time picking out a treat at Target. She finally settled on two little stuffed animal keychains and even picked one out for her sister.
Cora had so much fun Saturday, she wanted to run another stand on Sunday. We didn't have quite as many customers, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Cora loves the social aspect of the lemonade stand, so she loved having my parents stop by and hang out for a bit.

Ida wasn't quite old enough last year to help with the stand, but she is getting there this year. She loves hanging around, waving at all of the cars, and tasting the lemonade.

We love our little lemonade stand and I love watching my girlies work hard.

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