Walks With The Girlies : Sharon Woods Creek

You know we love our little trips to Sharon Woods Creek... so when I gave Cora the option of which park she wanted to visit this weekend, there was no surprise that she picked Sharon Woods. instead of just visiting the creek like we normally do, we tried to take a little hike on the Gorge Trail. We didn't make it far into the trail (it was really hot), but we had lots of conversations about fossils and dinosaurs.

We made it to the creek and my little water babies jumped right in. It was much cooler near the creek so there was a lot less whining coming from all three of us.

There were some people fishing and Cora was very curious. She had a lot of questions about what they were doing and how it worked. They were so patient with her and told us they had kids of their own. They let her look at their bait worms and explained all the equipment to her. They even let her try to catch her own fish. It was the sweetest encounter with strangers and I'm so thankful that they took the time to answer all of her questions when it would have been easy to brush her off.
Ida normally follows Cora around, but instead she went off on her own to explore the waterfall. We found some ducks bathing on the top of the fall and it was interesting to get pretty close to them and watch them swim around. Ida climbed around on the walls a bit and liked looking at the different leaves that were stuck in the water.

We were hanging out at the park for quite a while, so I definitely call our trip a success.  I love watching them wade around and observe nature. 

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