Vegetable Garden : Deer and Our First Harvest

In my last vegetable garden update, we were just watching as everything was growing... and that is pretty much what we did this month. We love to walk out to our garden every day or two and check out the progress of the vegetables. 

The girls love to help water and look around for any new baby veggies or fruits. We have a couple watermelons and Cora has named some of them (Mama watermelon, baby watermelon, butt watermelon, etc). Ida mostly loves to find a dirt spot in the bed and dig around for a bit.

We have had lots of baby tomatoes growing... but we also have a couple deer that love to come snack in our garden. They have eaten every single tomato except a green one that Cora accidentally picked. We haven't had a chance to build up a fence, so I guess now we're just growing them to feed the deer.

Along with all of our tomatoes being snacked on, the zucchini got a little fungus thing on it's leaves... which has basically killed most of the plants. I trimmed off all the infected leaves, but I'm afraid it's too late in the season for anything else to grow. There is always next year!

We had our first harvest last week! We picked four sweet peppers and one red bell pepper. It wasn't much, but it was exciting to get something that we have been watching grow for weeks.

We still have some salsa peppers, tomatoes (if the deer don't get them) and watermelon growing... so we are looking forward to being able to harvest those when the time is right.

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