Ault Park & Puppies

After this weekend, Ault park is my favorite Cincinnati park for hiking.  BC and I were going to just stop by and walk around looking at the views, but we found some trails that we decided to check out.  The trails went off into the woods and it was super pretty.  BC says it looks like what he pictured the arena in Hunger Games would look like.  Of course, that lead to a lot of Hunger Game references.

My memory filled up before we got on the trails, but here are some pics of the rest of the park:

BC and I spent a couple hours this weekend playing with puppies.  We played with some of the dogs that are up for adoption at Oakley Petsmart.  We ended up staying for quite a while taking all of the dogs for walks (literally!).  We even went back Sunday and visited them a second time.  I can't wait to get a puppy someday!  This was our favorite puppy:
Dream house Rescue
Anyways, the weekend was pretty busy running around with hiking, working out, playing with puppies, and a couple crafty things that will be posted later this week.


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