Weekend of Adventure

--> This weekend, I went on a day of adventure with Jazz!  We hit up SharonWoods (one of my new favorite places) where we went on Gorge Trail along a with little waterfalls on it.  Also, they have little boards with information about glaciers and other nature things.  It was really pretty even though there was practically no life among the trees. 

We went to breakfast and hit up IKEA… Another one of my favorites! I love their inexpensive things on the first floor (i.e. kitchen gadgets, frames, and around-the-house knick knacks).  The purchase(s) I’m most excited about are these plants (left) and the little white pots to put them in. 

We headed over to Sharon Woods for a second time and took a longer walk on the paved trail then hit up Valley Thrift, Gabriel Brothers, El Rancho Grande, and Home Depot.  We went back to my place and crafted while watching Harry Potter, which is the icing on the cake of a great day!

I loved Sharon Woods so much that I went on a solo hike there the next day!

Gorge Trail

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  1. So pretty!!! I want to go back and take more pictures!


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