Eden Park

A couple days this week, BC and I have gone to Eden Park for my lunch break.  It is only five minutes from my work and a couple minutes from his house, so we can get there pretty quickly and have almost an hour to enjoy the nice weather.  There are a lot of different places in the park that we can go so it feels like we're in a different park each time. 
 The 'pond' was drained (for cleaning?) so we watched the ducks and geese walking and slipping around the muddy ground.  There were a couple sassy ducks and geese trying to start fights with each other.
The next day we went, we ate at another part of the park called Presidential Grove.  After eating, we walked around on a couple of the pathways.
 There was a tree with each United States President's name on it.
water tower
 Today, we went to another overlook of Cincinnati, then walked back towards the Presidential Grove and took the paths that we couldn't get to the the other day. I got some more detailed shots of the tower.  I really like the stone carving of a lion.
There is still so much more of the park to explore.  I have a feeling that I will be making a lot of lunchtime visits there with all of this nice weather.

Have a great weekend!

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