To-do List

So many projects, so little time!  I have a majority of the materials for these projects, but I just need to get around to it.  Here is some inspiration/ideas for my future projects:

1.  Filing Cabinet Makeover - black body with damask wallpaper on front.  Haven't decided which wallpaper though.  I have two different colors in the same pattern.  white and silver vs. turquoise and goldish/tan (or maybe it's silver, I can't remember)
2. Painted Vases - I really like the different shades of turquoise... also considering gold, red, deep purple, or yellow.  update ::  bottle upcycle 1, 2, and 3... not exactly what I envisioned when making the to-do list, but this is what I ended up with.
Painted Vases
Painted Vase
3. Wall Art - I'm getting tired of my bare walls!  Interested in doing all three of these ideas.  I have some good landscape pictures with a lot of vibrant colors, a ton of National Geographic magazines for collages, and some great fabric from Africa.  update :: see this Pollock inspired piece.
Pixel Painting
Collage Silhouette
Fabric Wrapped Styrofoam
4. Coasters - Eight is not enough!  Planning on making some more of these as gifts... Or becoming a hoarder.  Both seem like good options.
National Geographic
5. T-shirt Blanket - I don't have any pictures for this one yet, but I wanted to put it on the list to give me some accountability.  I already have at least 40 shirts on the blanket and I'm really looking forward to this being finished.  update :: I finally finished it!  Check it out!

6. Zippered Bags - I want to learn how to sew zippers so this is a little bit of a stretch compared to the other projects since I don't have all of the skills needed.  I also need a new makeup bag since I spilled Nyquil all over my old one (and it was almost 8 years old).
Zipper Pouch
Boxy Cosmetic Box
Wish me luck!

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