Puppy Clove

Remember my post last week about the puppy?  Well, both BC and I were thinking about her all week, so we went back this past weekend and BC wanted to foster her.  This weekend/week has been so much fun with playing, cuddling, and taking her for walks.
Sleepy after all of our walks
With BC at Ault Park
Her previous names were Aubrey and Ellie, but she decided she didn't want to answer to either of those.  We changed her name to Clover because we first met her on St. Patrick's day.  We also like to call her Clove for short (yes, from Hunger Games).  She responds well to it, which is a huge turnaround from her old names that she just ignored.
Living the puppy dream!
I'm not really sure what kind of dog she is, but I'm almost positive there is some Jack Russell Terrier in there and possibly some pitbull, boxer, and/or american bulldog.  I would be interested to find out though because people are always asking what kind of dog she is.  Clove is 8 or 9 months and has already been responding to training really well.
She is so cuddly!
She spent Tuesday with Jazz and they had a lot of play time.  While I was making dinner, I realized that Clove is missing.  After a quick search, I find her in her crate already asleep.

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