1st Birthday Onesie

A little late on sharing this since Cora's birthday was three weeks ago, but this was such easy DIY that I thought I'd share.  This took me less than 30 minutes to make two.  Definitely make two if you have time/materials.  Cora wore hers the whole day and had an accident on the first one when we were getting ready for the party.
+plain onesie
+fabric (yes, I used my Africa fabric and no, I will never run out)
+sewing machine
1.  Cut out the number 1 from the fabric.  You could use a template if you print it out, but I found free handing it was easier for me
2. Pin 1 to the shirt
3. Sew using the zig zag stitch.  Stop frequently to make sure you are not sewing through both layers of the onesie.  This didn't happen to me, but I could see where this could easily happen when you're working with something so small.
photo credit to Jazz at Coffee + Cleveland
If I were making this again, I would make the 1 a little shorter so it stays above the pants.  I wised up on the second onesie, but would still go a little shorter.  This is a such an easy DIY that I'm dreaming of all the other shapes Cora can rock on her onesies.

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