Mother's Day

Cora decided she wanted to spend every second of Mother's day with me, so she woke up around 7:30 with me.  I normally get 2-4 hours of free time before she wakes up, so the day started off a little exhausting.  We made a quick trip to the dog park for Clove to get some energy out.  Cora loved pointing at all of the dogs and saying her version of dog, which sounds something like "gddoggddd".  After the dog park, Cora played while we prepped for Mother's day lunch at my parent's house.  We headed over to my parent's where we ate, played croquet, and chilled around their place for the rest of the day.  Not much else to say about the day so here are a bunch of pictures:
I'm excited we finally got a picture of the three of us even if we aren't all smiling.

Cora Jean and her Aunt Celia
...and her Uncle Rob.  She is normally smiling/flirting with him.

Cora's cousin and Gus

Lots of cuddles with Cora's Honey (grandma)

Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome Moms out there!

PS. I finally opened my Etsy shop since I was getting some traffic to the coming soon 'shop' tab on the top of the page.  I only have a couple things listed and there is lots more to come!  I thought I'd share in case people want to check it out and leave me some constructive criticism (or compliments).  You can get to The Golden Skies Etsy shop through the 'Shop' tab on the top of my page or by clicking here.

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  1. Cora loves her men. You better watch her when she gets older. ;)


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