Cora's First Birthday

Heavy photo post coming your way...
We had Cora's party on Friday night so I could get a couple last minute things done during the day. My sister and brother-in-law had the party at their new house.  They have a great screened in porch/outdoor entertaining area so people went in and out throughout the party grabbing appetizers and checking out their new place.  There were even a couple games of croquet going on.

We had dinner (chicken and pasta in a vodka sauce) and then cupcakes and singing.  Cora was surprised by all of the singing and pretty much just sat there wondering what was going on.  She really wasn't sure what to do with the cupcake.  She poked the icing then shoved her face in.  She was being kind of timid so we decided to give her one of the chocolate cupcakes.  She basically inhaled the chocolate cupcake, and would go back to the carrot cake for a bite here and there.

Phew... Eating all of that cupcake was rough!  When she finished up, I changed her into her pajamas and she just laid there without a fight (not something that happens often these days).  Everyone finished up their desserts and we started opening presents.  We got a lot of help from her cousins and Cora mostly just observed everything going on.
About halfway through the presents, Cora got tired of sitting on my lap so she climbed down to play with her cousins.  Uncle Rob helped her unpack the big stuff.  I love her curious face watching him unpack her scooter.

Cora had a great time at her 1st birthday party!  She especially enjoyed the balloons, cupcakes, and playing with her cousins.  She was extremely exhausted from all of the activity, but still managed to wake up early (before noon) on Saturday to play with all of her new toys.

Check out some of Jazz's pictures of the party on her blog Coffee and Cleveland!

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